Male ED – Does age matter?

I’m sure you all know the rumors regarding the size of the penis and the debates that it generates. They all were created based on a realistic background, after all size affects the men’s performance. This is a serious concern yet we will try to answer another relevant question: whether age matters?

Old age and ED

It is common knowledge that while growing older, the metabolism gradually slows down. This decline applies to sexual performances as well. Besides the age, several other variables contribute to the decrease in efficiency, among such we find hormonal changes, lifestyle, nutrition and stress as being the most harmful. The ones over the age of 40 are mostly affected. It is absolutely no shame admitting that ED is a problem within this category.
Aspects such as the length or the girth are only of minor importance, what really matters, is the ability to achieve and keep a prolonged erection throughout the sexual episode. Erectile dysfunction can be influenced immensely by the quality of the relationship between the two lovers and the drop in libido is also a severe criterion.
It would be foolish to say that young males are not subject to ED. Statistics shows that 52% of men will suffer from ED at some point in their lives. Although the scales tilt toward the older generation, younger men are no exception to the rule. The variables that encourage ED are endless; they practically can range from physical factors to psychological ones and lately to physiological factors as well.

Signs of ED

Inability to achieve a full erection and maintaining it are top two on our list. The ones familiar with these two should urgently pay a visit to a specialized doctor. Neglecting this advice could lead to a chain reaction instead of an erection. Lack of sleep, increased stress and bad eating habits can lead to ED; ED in turn can cause anxiety which further aggravates the situation.

Treatment for ED

According to the extent of the problem specialists can prescribe a treatment suitable for curing ED. Sometimes fixing the psychological issues is good enough to treat the problem. Often changing the entire lifestyle is the sole answer. Medical intervention is a worth case scenario.
Herbal pills, such as Magna rx are a good alternative to scalpels. They represent an effective cure for ED mainly because they do not have side effects. Further on, herbs are known to offer a holistic treatment.
The ones diagnosed with diabetes or high blood pressure had better treat these diseases in order to control the effects of ED.


Age and ED seem to have something in common, yet this is not a guarantee that old people will suffer from ED. On the other hand, this does not mean that younger males will never face this problem.
The bottom line is that ED can affect anyone and still be treated. Therefore stop falling into the trap and come to realize that the vicious circle of ED can be broken, regardless your age.