Premature Ejaculation – More Than Just Embarrassment

7 out of 10 men admitted having suffered an episode of premature ejaculation in a lifetime. Having such an experience is quite natural as long as it happens for a few times in ones life. When the problem takes on larger proportions, then we can assume that there is a serious issue which had better be taken into consideration.

Each of us experienced premature ejaculation during a lifetime. Given the great variability (how long it takes for us to ejaculate vs.  how long does the couple want to prolong the intercourse), scientists have formed a quantitative definition of PE – read more.

PE stands for premature ejaculation (as you might have deducted already) which takes place before, immediately or after the vaginal entry.

We must categorize PE in a chronologic order. Thus we have a primary type PE which dates back to childhood itself and secondary PE, more common for problems developed during adulthood.

Besides being extremely embarrassing, PE is responsible for a low self-esteem, break-up of a relationship and sexual frustration. The folklore supports the following idea: as long as you don’t know something, you are safe because it can never bother you. The same principle applies here; men who worry about PE and want to schedule a late ejaculation, often slip into the pit. The more concerns, the higher the risk of PE. Anxiety triggered because of a small penis and other futile comparisons cancel future prospect right from the beginning.

Obviously there is a direct relationship between PE and ED.

Stop worrying because of a bad timing, PE is treatable so that each of us can enjoy prolonged satisfaction. Medical treatments are on their way to help individuals with efficient methods, like the start-stop or the stop-squeeze practice. The bottom line is that, PE is a psychological issue rather than a physical one.

Recent observations underlined that increasing a person’s ability to maintain an erection can actually prevent the occurrence of PE. The theory behind this scenario affirms that PE mostly occurs in case of men with a low sexual self esteem. It is pretty sad to note that men suffering from ED live burdened in depression and as a consequence feel themselves worthless in bed. We are here to witness a chain reaction instead of an erection. The “worthless feeling” contributes to releasing several other episodes of PE. Our main focus is avoiding PE episodes. Being able to maintain a strong and long lasting erection is not the end of the war, still individuals can brag that they won a small victory for a great price.

These small battles will lower the number of premature ejaculations. One had better apply hefty methods that increase blood supply to the penis, if he is ever to escape tormenting PE episodes.

The conclusion to this paragraph is that improving erectile functions will ultimately lower premature ejaculation instances.

The secret to solving PE lies in an increased blood supply that ultimately will improve erection quality, which in turn will boost your self esteem and heal PE forever. Semenax is the best solution. It can help increase blood supply to penile area and safe for long-term using. Find out how it works here.